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With free delivery above $35 and no contract required, we make it easy to bring a variety of snacks to your office. To delight your staff further, enjoy those snacks at a special corporate rate.

Single-serve Packs

Start snacking smart! We provide you the option of snacks individually packaged. Not only are these convenient, but are also perfect for consumers who are active and constantly on the go. Nutritious snacking are portion controlled in these single serve packs. Each contains the ideal amount of about 35g - 55g. One bag contains 12 individual packets.

Bulk Packs

Catering for company events? Or for those who truly love it, fret not! We supply our snacks in packs of 400g. You can reduce the number of purchase orders and cost by opting for our bulk packs with attractive corporate rate. Each pack comes with a resealable zip which maintains the freshness of the snacks after opening.

Corporate Branding Packs

Corporate events, meetings, seminars, trainings or simply looking to personalise your snacks? Give these premium, tasty and healthy snacks away to your employees or guest with your corporate brand or added personal touch. Let us cater to your business gifting by tailoring customised labels on your snacks unique to your organisation.