Tong Garden Healthy Variety Bundle (UP: $41.33)

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This Healthy Variety Value Bundle including the following items:

- Nutrione Vegan Jerky Original 55g
Enjoy the chewy goodness of Jerky without any guilt! Each bite is full of sweet and savoury umami fragrance.

- Nutrione Vegan Jerky Black Pepper 55g
Gourmet black and white peppercorns blended to perfection. Enjoy tasty, healthy goodness!

- Nutrione Vegan Jerky Hot & Spicy 55g
We know you want a spicy heat? Our vegan jerky heats up with. Every chew for a fiery sensation.

- Tong Garden Organic Chestnuts 120g
Tong Garden’s perfectly roasted chestnuts have a sweet nutty flavour and potato type texture. Roasting chestnuts are the best way to bring out their full flavour. These are shelled for extra convenience.

- NutriOne Daily Pack Apple Pie 196g
Inspired by the classic dessert, this nut and dried fruit mix features chewy cinnamon scented dried apples, buttery pecans, sweet pistachio kernels, creamy cashews, juicy cranberries and more! We have recreated the delicious taste of our beloved pie, this time without the additional calories and with all the beneficial nutrients our body needs.

- Nutrione Breakfast Mix 85g
Enjoy the delicious crunch of granola bites and addictive chew of cinnamon coated dried apple pieces alongside walnuts, almonds, cashews and cranberries in this never before seen breakfast inspired nut mix!

- Noi Crispy Seaweed with Coconut Chips & Popping Grains 18g
Crispy coconut chips with healthy grains fillings compressed between seaweed layers like a sandwich. The crunchy texture with a hint of sweetness will keep you coming back to this snack. These vegan seaweed snacks have mild coconut flavor and no trans fat. A much healthier alternative with the perfect crunchy that is impeccably delicious and surprisingly addicting.

- Noi Crispy Seaweed with Almond Slices original 18g
Superfood such as almond slices is packed between NOI’s baked seaweed for a healthy and satisfying treat for any snacking occasion! Convenient to consume in single-serve packets.

- Nutrione Cereal Drink variety pack (10 sachets)
(Cereal Drink 5 flavours with 2 sachets each – 25 Grains, Red Bean & Black Rice, Black Rice & Sesame, Oats & Quinoa, Soybean Oatmeal & Pumpkin)

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Tong Garden Healthy Variety Bundle (UP: $41.33)
Tong Garden Healthy Variety Bundle (UP: $41.33)

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