NOi Seaweed Rice Crisps Tom Yum 40g

The local's favourite flavour - Tom Yum flavour Seaweed Crisps. The aroma of tamarind contrasting perfectly with the spices, every crisps are crunchy and addicted!


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Tapioca Flour 42.5%, Rice Flour 19%, Seasoning [Contains Spice, Tamarind Paste, Monosodium Glutamate (INS 621), Disodium Ribonucleotides (INS 635), Permitted Natural Flavour and Natural Identical Flavouring Substances (Tom Yum) 13%, Vegetable Oil (Palm Olein) 10%, Seaweed 8.5%, Chilli 5%, Kaffir Lime Leaf 2% and Packaging Gas [Nitrogen (INS 941)].
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