Our Brands

Tong Garden Group is one of Asia’s leading brands in the world of snacks. A beloved favourite since 1963, Tong Garden Group is distinguished by its heritage of trusted quality and diversity of snack brands, always delightingfamilies then and now.


Tong Garden has been producing and distributing quality nuts and snacks since 1963. With a wide variety products that cater to every budget and taste, Tong Garden’s best-selling nuts have found their way into the homes and hearts of many families and across multiple generations.


Explore the fresh side of snacking with NOI. We reinvent ordinary crisps into new dimensions of crunch. From our popular potato sticks, corn chips and crispy seaweed – there is always a tasty adventure waiting to be found


Bask in the gift of the sun – Sungift has scoured the world to bring to you nature’s tastiest flavours. With our ready-to-eat dried fruits, you can indulge in your favourite fruits in any season. It’s a sunny adventure, all year round.


Amore means love – an ode to our devotion to delicious, finely made biscuits. Our collection of rich, delectable cookies and wafer rolls are individually made with dedication so customers will find flavours to love: a revelation in every bite.


Find the perfect symphony of nutritious and delicious, all in Nutrione. Our tasty concoctions of cereal drinks, baked nuts and seeds mix, and a vast variety of nutritious snacks are carefully made to satisfy everyone’s inner health nut. The road to better health is always a delicious journey with us.

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