Party Pack - 18 Snack Packs 627g

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Our party pack includes:- 1. Party Snack 40g 2. Daily Pack Apple Pie 28g 3. Daily Pack Berry Mix 28g 4. Honey Cashew Nuts mixed Macadamias 35g 5. Popcorn Caramel 60g 6. Coconut Coated Peanuts 45g 7. White Sugar Peanuts 40g 8. Salted Cashew Nuts 40g 9. BBQ Sunflower 30g 10. Salted Sunflower 30g 11. Raisins with Dried Cranberries 35g 12. Jumbo Raisins Medley 30g 13. Dried Pitted Prunes 35g 14. Honey Sunflower 30g 15. Peanuts mixed Anchovies 28g 16. Salted Pistachios 35g 17. Salted Peanuts 40g 18. Seedless Mint Plum 18g *Now FOC: Pokka Sparkling Water (random flavour) x 1 can - while stocks last -


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Party Snack 40g, Daily Pack Apple Pie 28g, Daily Pack Berry Mix 28g, Honey Cashew Nuts mixed Macadamias 35g, Popcorn Caramel 60g, Coconut Coated Peanuts 45g, White Sugar Peanuts 40g, Salted Cashew Nuts 40g, BBQ Sunflower 30g, Salted Sunflower 30g, Raisins with Dried Cranberries 35g, Jumbo Raisins Medley 30g. Dried Pitted Prunes 35g, Honey Sunflower 30g, Peanuts mixed Anchovies 28g, Salted Pistachios 35g, Salted Peanuts 40g, Seedless Mint Plum 18g
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