Nutrione Cereal Drink with 25 Grains

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Our cereal drink is a nutritional bomb to kick off your day, this drink contains 25 nutritious grains such as walnuts, gingko seeds, barley, flaxseed and a generous amount of superfood goji berry. Simply add hot water and you will have a tasty drink to vitalise your day!


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Rock Sugar, Brown Rice, Soybean, Black Bean, Black Sesame, Buckwheat, Oatmeal, Barley, Red Bean, Green Bean, Black Eye Pea, Pinto Bean, Pea, Corn, Pine Nut, Gingko Seed, Walnuts, Lotus Seed, Yam, Gorgon, Goji, Poria, Millet, Lily, Ophiopogan Japonicus, Golden Flaxseed.
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