Healthy ways to get energy and stay awake at work

Healthy ways to get energy and stay awake at work

Dozing off in a meeting or falling asleep at your desk? We’ve all been there. Many take to unhealthy snacking as a solution. Potato chips, sweets, biscuits, most tasty snacks available nowadays are terrible for our health. If only we knew snacks which are tasty yet full of nutrition and vitamins. Here are some snacks for you to enjoy while at work!

First off, you’ll need a warm cup of Cereal Drink on your desk to kick start your day at the office. It’s delicious, healthy and it’ll keep your stomach satisfied all the way till lunch!

Together with the cereal drink, get a Mini Mixed Nuts Pack. It’ll keep you awake and give you lots of nutrition. We recommend Tong Garden Salted Cashew Nuts Mixed Macadamias (35g). Get many packs and store them at your desk or at the pantry.

We’re sure your co-workers will love them too!

Another great nut-based product is Tong Garden’s Nutrione Baked Mixed Nuts (Baked Cocktail Mixed Nuts 85g/350g).

Mixed nuts are a great snack as they contain healthy fat, protein and vitamin. The small 85g pack is amazing for you to snack on at your desk. It’s been measured to give the perfect portion for you!

There’s a snack dispenser which uses the 350g refill packs. It’s an awesome product to be placed in your office pantry.

Everyone gets to enjoy free flow healthy goodness from a snack dispenser. How cool is that!

You’re nearing the end of the day at the office and you need a snack to keep you going for the last few hours.

Get some Sunflower Seeds (Honey Sunflower Seeds 30g) to chew on as you complete your work. Packed full of Vitamin E, these sweet honey sunflower seeds will keep your stomach from growling till dinner.

These recommended items are much better and much healthier alternatives to potato chips or gummy worms. Now you know how to stay awake at work while staying healthy!


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