Simple Snacks for holidays and travels

Simple Snacks for holidays and travels

We all love travelling but not so much for long flights or car rides. Getting stuck in your seat for hours can get boring.

As usual, most of us will give in to temptation and snack on unhealthy potato chips and biscuits. All that binge eating will eventually lead to health problems in the future.

Here, we have helped you out with some healthy snack recommendations that’ll keep you feeling full and energized!

Tong Garden’s Daily Pack Baked Mixed Nuts and Dried Fruit is the first item on our list.

There are 3 flavours in the box so you can choose which one you want, whenever you want. Inside the pack, the snacks are packed in individual sachets. They are thin and portable, making it super convenient when you travel.

Also, the individual sachets help you to space out your snacking. You’ll be snacking in moderation while keeping your stomach happy!

Afterall, too much of something is never good.

Another snack to bring along on your trip are Oat Cookies.

Filled with chewy blackcurrants and rich chocolate chips, these oat cookies are sure to keep the hunger pangs away while being a tasty snack!

Similarly filled with healthy carbohydrates, we recommend Potato Sticks. Also packing Vitamin C and protein, the Potato Sticks are vacuum fried at low temperatures, maintaining its rich flavour, colour and fragrance!


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