Tong Garden Guide : Snacks To Eat On Hikes

Tong Garden Guide : Snacks To Eat On Hikes

Healthy Hiking Snacks for Your Next Hiking Trip

When you're out there on the trail, your body exerts a lot of energy. It's crucial to keep it fueled so that you can keep yourself energized and moving, no matter how far the winding path takes you.


Now it's time to pack some food and get moving! These snack suggestions are perfect fuel to keep you going!

Daily Pack - Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruits

You can't go wrong with this hiking staple daily pack: Nuts, dried fruits and seeds is a perfect combination for a tasty treat that will get through


your hike. A nutrient filled, high energy snack as a much deserved treat while resting to take in the beautiful scenery, or packed as a reserve.

Baked Nuts & Fruits Medley

A mix of dried fruit and nuts is a great, energizing snack. Nuts are high in calories, protein, and fat to fill you up and give you lasting energy.


Dried fruit, like bananas or raisins, are a good source of quick energy and easily digestible carbs. They're also a good source of potassium to help replenish your electrolytes.

Granola Bites - Chocolate Banana

Oats, nuts, seeds and a little bit of sweetness (honey) - there are so many things to love about granola.


It's full of flavor and won't go bad no matter how long your hike lasts!

Organic Roasted Chestnuts

Did you know that beside being amazingly delicious, chestnuts are contains high nutrition with low calories. Highly recommended to pack it as a nutritious snack in your next outdoor adventure-hiking, camping, picnic, etc.


These hiking snacks are portable, able to withstand hours in your backpack and easy to eat while moving. Get yours now!


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